Little League Players present:

  • Completed grades 2-4
  • Monday-Thursday 1:00-4:00
  • Cambridge Middle School

The Little League Players is geared for students who have just completed 2nd grade through just completed 4th grade.  

The program meets for three weeks with a performance concluding the summer.  The location and set up for this performance is still being settled, but it is planned to be an in person performance.

The Little League Players meets Monday-Thursday from 1:00-4:00 at the Cambridge Middle School.  The program begins on Monday Jun 14th.   Social distancing guidelines will be observed at all times as will any other Covid related restrictions. 

All students and parents are invited to an informational meeting on June 9th at 5:45 to learn how the rehearsal process goes and to ask any questions.  This meeting will take place at Play Inc's Art Gallery and Cabaret Space at 111 Dellwood St (the new library location) in Cambridge.

This program is designed to introduce students to theatre, help develop performing skills for returning students, and cultivate a foundation for being on stage that the students can carry into the middle school program.  

Featuring lots of big and small performing opportunities as well as ensemble/chorus members, Go Fish is a delightful swim about how the unique things about each of us is what truly makes us special, not different.

Cost for participation in this group is $100.  Registration is limited to 25 students

Registration closes on June 26th

For further questions please email director Sarah Knudsvig at