What is iPLAY?

iPLAY is a program that was initiated by Play Inc. Community Theater in 2015 and has continued on by Play Inc. Arts since 2018 by its’ original founders, Aaron Knudsvig and Jenna Pulkrabek. It is a program meant to provide Character Education topics delivered in a fun way by its' peers.  With iPLAY, Play Inc. Arts hopes to provide District 911 with topical skits performed by our local youth throughout the year which are also directly connected to the experiences that our performers had growing up.  

What is the show we’re performing?

Each performance is a new script that reflects some (or all) of the five character traits of the Cambridge-Isanti School district.  These scripts are built by the cast.  Each performance has a “coach” or two that leads the cast through the iPLAY “playbook..”

Is there a cost?

Yes there is a cost.  For returning cast members the cost is $15.  For new cast members the cost is $30.  The reason for the additional cost for new members is to pay for their iPLAY t-shirt which will be used in every performance and in subsequent years if they continue to be involved with iPLAY.

Look back here for updates on upcoming auditions.

Who is in charge of iPlay?

Aaron Knudsvig, Sarah Knudsvig & Jenna Pulkrabek 

Send us an email for more information.