As a non-profit arts organization, we sustain on your generous donations, gift giving and sponsorships. Because of this, we are more able to offer you high quality programs and entertainment. To produce a musical theatre production, it takes not only a lot of volunteers and time, but also money. Many people don't realize the cost we endure to put on these wonderful performances. Most of our large scale productions which are shown at the Hardy Center cost an average of $10,000.00. For what, you wonder? Well, there's the cost of the play rights and the musical scores, the technical equipment rental, the costumes (some are made, some are bought), makeup, the materials to build sets, the fees for rehearsal space rental and the Hardy Center stage and Auditorium, director and musicians fees, and more! Depending on what play we produce the cost varies. So, you can see why we need YOU!

Please consider helping our organization out by making a donation today. You can even set up a recurring donation if that's more convenient for you. Every little bit helps.

We also appreciate "in-kind" donations.

Thank you from all of us who thrive on the arts!